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Behavior Counseling

Pet Behavior Counseling At Stanton Pet Hospital

The reason most pets end up at a shelter is behavior issues. The professional veterinarian staff at Stanton Pet Hospital can help you resolve your pet’s behavior issues through proper training and pet behavior counseling.

Behavior Issues

Potential Behavior Issues

Many of the most common dog behavior issues are misunderstood and mishandled by dog owners. Some behavior issues are an indication of health problems. Other behavior issues may be due to boredom and others are instinctive.

We work with you to resolve common dog behavior issues such as:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Chronic barking
  • Destructive chewing or digging
  • Possessive aggression
  • Noise anxiety
  • Obsessive or compulsive behaviors such as licking and pacing
  • Aggression (towards people or other animals)
  • Fear of people, other animals, or objects

Benefits of Pet Behavior Counseling

There is a wealth of information available in books and on television about the proper way to resolve dog behavior issues. You might even get advice from well-meaning family and friends. The advice you receive from books and television and family and friends is just a stab in the dark; they might be right, but do you want to take that chance? The best way to handle pet behavior issues is to seek help from a professional in the field. A professional will take the time to assess your pet and diagnose the real problem.

How Your Veterinarian Can Help with Behavior Issues Your veterinarian can help with behavior issues to keep both you and your pet happy. Pet behavior counseling is the best option for behavior issues like obedience problems. For other dog behavior issues, your veterinarian may recommend medication, behavior modification exercises, or environmental changes.  

Whether your pet has an obedience problem, separation anxiety, phobia, compulsive behaviors, or fear pet behavior counseling uses positive reinforcement techniques to teach them coping skills, increase confidence, and more. We will also teach you how to understand your pet’s behavior issues.

Bring Your Pet in to Stanton Pet Hospital!

At Stanton Pet Hospital we are committed to keeping your pet and you happy. Contact us at (714) 828-5891 to ask about any specific behavior issues you are experiencing with your pet. We will be happy to give you with the tools and knowledge you need to ensure your pet remains a well-behaved and valued member of your family.

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