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If you intend on taking a trip in the near future and you cannot bring your cat or dog along, finding a way to have them cared for in your absence is a priority. Many people find that pet boarding facilities offer several benefits that cannot be obtained by having someone come into the home to provide pet care. Contacting Stanton Pet Hospital is an option to consider. Here is some information about what you can do to prepare your pet for a stay at our animal hospital.

small puppy licking its veterinarian

Make Sure Your Pet's Health Needs Are Met

It is best to make an appointment with our veterinarian before your dog or cat comes to our facility for an extended stay. Your pet will receive a full evaluation to determine their level of health, and any treatment necessary to care for medical needs will be addressed at this time. If your pet is not up-to-date on their vaccinations, these will be administered to ensure the safety of other animals in the facility, in addition to providing your pet with necessary protection against medical difficulties.

Get Your Pet Used to Other Animals and People

If your dog or cat has not had contact with other pets or people, the time leading up to their stay at our animal hospital provides a great opportunity to expose them to social situations. Invite people into the home, bring your dog on walks with others, or enlist your pet in behavioral training sessions. This interaction will make their stay at a facility less frightening.

Take a Tour of Our Pet Boarding Area

We encourage you to come to our animal hospital to take a look at our pet boarding area. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to meet with staff members and ask questions pertaining to the care we provide, and we will offer you recommendations to make your pet's stay successful.

We Invite Your Pet to Stay at Our Animal Hospital

If you are looking for a pet boarding facility with a veterinarian on site, contact Stanton Pet Hospital to find out more about our practice. Call us today at (714) 828-5891.

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