Fear Free Cat Clinic

At Stanton Pet Hospital in Stanton, CA, we treat all our feline patients with the appropriate level of care. From diagnostics to surgical treatments, our cat clinic offers the services your kitty needs to stay happy and healthy year after year. Our veterinary team can help caring for cats and can help ensure your pet is treated with love and respect. Your pet will feel right at home at our fear free cat clinic.

Cat Care

Quality Care for Cats

We at Stanton Pet Hospital can be your one stop location for quality pet care. Our AAHA accredited facility offers preventive services, medical and surgical treatment for cats of different ages and breeds. Our veterinary team will put you and your skittish cat at ease at our fear free cat clinic so you can have pleasant vet visits.

If you’re new to our facility, we recommend you start by scheduling annual routine checkups for your cat so we can keep track of his or her health. Senior cats and cats with chronic health issues might need to be seen more frequently.

Proactive Cat Care

During a routine checkup, we’ll check your kit for signs of health issues like skin rashes, eye or ear infections, allergies, tooth infections, joint problems, etc. We’ll test your pet for parasites and recommend medication to prevent infestation year-round. We’ll also discuss your cat’s dietary and lifestyle habits, behavior and mental and physical stimulation to see if there are areas that need improving.

Through routine checkups, we can catch health problems in their early stages when they’re easier to manage and treat. As your cat ages, we may recommend changes to his diet or lifestyle to avoid health issues or improve his health and mobility. Because no two cats are exactly alike, we’ll personalize your kit’s care to meet his healthcare needs.


Vaccinations are important to your cat’s health as they protect your kit from life-threatening diseases. Even indoor cats need vaccinations as they could come in contact with an infectious animal when visiting the vet. Basic or core vaccinations for cats might offer protection against rabies, feline distemper, feline calicivirus, or feline leukemia virus. If your cat spends a lot of time outdoors, your we may recommend additional vaccinations to protect it from other harmful diseases in your local area.