Ear Infections

Signs That Your Pet Has an Ear Infection

Ear infections are very common with people of all ages. When someone has an ear infection, it can lead to a bad pain and even make it hard for you to hear clearly. While ear infections can be hard for a person to deal with, they can also be challenging for pets to have to deal with. There are several signs that your pet does have an ear infection and that you should take it to your veterinarian for attention and veterinary care.


Constant Scratching around Ear

One of the most common signs that something is wrong with your pet and that it is struggling with ear infections is if your pet is consistently scratching around his ear. An ear infection for a pet provides a very odd sensation and pain. The animal will naturally start to scratch his ear with the hope of fixing the issue. This scratching can end up causing severe complications including bleeding or loss of hair in the area.

Discharges from Ear

As an ear infection gets more serious, it can cause a discharge to come from the ear. This could be a red, brown, or yellow discharge that comes and goes.

Care Provided by a Veterinarian

If you need care for your pet, it is important to bring him in to your veterinarian as soon as possible. The veterinarian will be able to fully assess your pet's condition to determine whether or not he actually has an ear infection. If he does, the most common form of treatment that he will receive will be ear drops or oral antibiotics, which should help to reduce and manage the infection. While your pet is recovering from the infection, it is often a good idea to put a cone around your pet’s neck to protect him from himself. 

Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment with Our Veterinarian

If you believe that your pet is struggling with ear infections, it is very important that you take him to see a veterinarian as soon as you can. When you bring your pet to see our veterinarian, he will receive a full evaluation and get the care that it needs. When you need to bring your pet in for an ear infection, or any other form of veterinary care, trust us at Stanton Pet Hospital. Give us a call at (714) 828-5891 today!

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