How a Veterinarian Can Help With Regular Grooming

Most people think of veterinary care and pet grooming as two distinct services. It may surprise you to find out that many veterinarians also offer pet grooming services. There are some unexpected benefits to getting your dog or cat groomed at your veterinarian’s office. Our team at Stanton Pet Hospital provides grooming services to the local Stanton pet community.


Skilled Staff and Experienced Groomers

As veterinarians and technicians, we know animals. While a grooming appointment is different from a traditional veterinary exam, our skilled staff knows how to recognize common health problems. If we happen to find one, our veterinarians are always right there in the same building for a quick consultation.

Full-Service Care

Our staff can handle just about everything when it comes to pet grooming. From a quick nail trim to a more thorough grooming and bathing process, we can take care of it. Since our staff also handles veterinary care, we are particularly well-equipped to handle skin problems, parasite problems, allergies, and other common health issues. We will tailor our grooming routine to your pet's unique needs.

Service Bundles

If your dog or cat only needs occasional pet grooming services, our veterinarians can bundle it into the routine veterinary exams. A quick nail trim or ear cleaning can easily be added to a standard veterinary exam. This lets you spend less time shuttling your pet around and minimizes the stress your dog or cat has to endure.

Help Your Pet Look Its Best

Many people see pet grooming as a luxury, and it can be. However, many pet owners rave about the way their animals look, feel, and smell after a professional grooming session. Many pet owners notice significantly less shedding, while also noting that their pet's coat feels soft and silky. If your pet tends to have unpleasant odors, grooming can also help with that issue.

Grooming can even help your pet be quieter. If you tend to hear a click-clack sound as your dog walks on your wooden floors, a professional nail trim can help your pet and your floors. If you have a cat that likes to scratch, our professional groomer can help you figure out solutions to reduce or eliminate the damage.

Pet Grooming in Stanton, CA

Whether you own dogs or cats, our skilled staff at Stanton Pet Hospital can take care of all of your pet’s grooming needs. Call our team today at (714) 828-5891 to schedule a grooming session at Stanton Pet Hospital.

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