Itchy Skin and Ear infections

So, Fido keeps scratching, and you don't know why, you're probably just hoping it's not fleas. On the other hand, maybe your cat is scratching his or her ears, or you've noticed drainage. Fortunately, at Stanton Pet Hospital, serving Stanton, CA, and the nearby region, we can help with a pet ear infection or pet itchy skin. The itchy skin or pet ear infection treatment will vary based on the underlying cause. 

Itchy Skin and Ear infections

Determining the Cause 

If you come to our office with your dog or cat and he or she has signs of an ear infection or itchy skin, our first step is to find the cause. This may include taking a sample of the discharge, just evaluating the symptoms and ear or skin, or inquiring about your pet's lifestyle. 

At the end of the examination, our veterinarian in Stanton, CA, can determine the cause and find an appropriate treatment. 

Types of Treatments We Offer 

The treatment our veterinarian will provide is directly related to the condition. Let's say your pet has ear mites. We'll provide your pet with a treatment that targets the mites and gets rid of them, protecting them from the dangers of infestation in their ears. You'll then need to apply this treatment at home as prescribed. 

On the other hand, perhaps your dog has ear drainage, and we determine it's an infection. Our veterinarian will then figure out a treatment based on the cause of the infection. For instance, if the infection is from ear mites, the first course of action will be to get rid of the mites. If it's a bacterial infection, our practitioner will provide a prescription antibiotic. You'll then need to administer this medication to your pet as directed. 

Let's say your pet has itchy skin, and we narrow down the cause to the shampoo you use on your pet. We'll then recommend a hypoallergenic shampoo that won't break out your pet's skin. It could also be a diet issue. In that case, we'll educate you on the potential ingredients and may even be able to conduct allergy testing, so you know the culprit. You can then remove the allergen from your pet's diet. 

If the allergen isn't something your pet can avoid, we may prescribe a medication to combat the allergy symptoms. 

Quality Veterinary Care in Stanton

At Stanton Pet Hospital, serving Stanton, CA, and the neighboring areas, we offer treatment for a number of conditions, including pet ear infections or itchy skin. We'll then find you a treatment that can safely and effectively address the issue. 

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