Microchipping Your Pets

When you first adopt a pet, the first thing that you should do is schedule vet appointments for a wellness exam, vaccines, and preventative care. These services can help your pets live a long, healthy life. Another vet service that can be beneficial to your pets is microchipping. At Stanton Pet Hospital in Stanton, CA, we offer microchipping as a means of protection when your pets loses their collar or becomes lost.


What Is Microchipping?

Your vet places a tiny microchip under your pets’ skin that contains an identification number which can be scanned by an animal hospital or shelter. The number on the microchip will coincide with a number in the database that contains all of your contact information. If your pets were to get lost or stolen, the chip would help you to be reunited with them quickly.

Is Microchipping Painful?

Placing the microchip under your pets’ skin is not painful at all. This is not a surgical procedure that requires an incision. The tiny chip is implanted using a syringe the same way your pets’ vaccines are administered, and is no more painful than when they get a shot.

What Are the Benefits Of Microchipping?

There are several benefits of having your pets’ microchipped.

  • Finding Your Pet: The reason most people have their pets microchipped is to find them if they are lost or stolen. Most lost dogs are taken to a vet or the pound if they are found on the streets. These facilities have scanners that can detect the microchip in pets. If detected, pets can be returned to their owners as soon as possible.
  • Ownership Issues: If your pets have been stolen, the information on the microchip will prove that you are the rightful owner.
  • Collars And Tags Aren't Always Effective: Before microchipping, pet owners would put tags on their pets that include their contact information. Over time, the writing on the tag can wear down. Also, if the collar falls off while your pets are lost, your contact information will be lost as well. Microchipping your beloved animals will have your information always with them.

Is Microchipping Expensive?

If you haven't had your pets’ microchipped because you are worried about the cost, you shouldn't be. It usually costs around $45 to have a pet microchipped. This is a small price to pay for a peace of mind.

To have your pets’ microchipped, or for more information about this procedure, contact Stanton Pet Hospital in Stanton, CA at 714-828-5891.

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