Benefits of Microchipping a Pet

Here at Stanton Pet Hospital, we are proud to serve pets in and around the Stanton area. One thing we always emphasize with pet owners is the importance of having their dog or cat microchipped. It is such a simple process that can be done by our vet and is a great way to protect your pet down the road. Below are a few benefits that come with microchipping a pet.


Increases the Odds of Being Reunited with Your Lost Pet

When your dog or cat is microchipped, the chances of reuniting with him if he gets lost increases. If a good samaritan takes your animal to a vet hospital or shelter, a veterinarian or staff can scan for a chip in your pet’s body to get your contact information, which they can let you know that he is at their location.

Proves Ownership

In the case that your beloved pet gets stolen, the microchip has a unique number that is registered to you. This proof is helpful when ownership of the animal is disputed. This is helpful when ownership of the animal is disputed.

Not Much Maintenance

While we still encourage that you buy collars and tags for your pet, they could still break, wear off, or fall off, which can make it difficult to be reunited with your animal if he gets lost. The microchip is a permanent solution that cannot fall, break, or wear off from your pet. In addition to this, once it has been implanted, you do not need to worry about much maintenance. The only thing you got to worry about is updating your information when you change your address or phone number. Also, the chip last the lifetime of a pet, and it is not battery-operated.

Contact Our Vet Team To Schedule a Microchipping Appointment

To learn more about how quick, easy, and affordable microchipping is, and to hear stories about how pets and owners were reunited because of microchipping, contact us today. We can find a time that is perfect for you to come in with your furry animal. Show your pet how much you love him and do the one thing that can make it easier to find him if the worse should happen and you get separated. Call Stanton Pet Hospital in Stanton, CA, at (714) 828-5891 to schedule an appointment.

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