Pet Eye Infections FAQs

There are many pet eye infections that can affect both cats and dogs. Some can affect either or some are specific to a species. If you think that your pet may have an eye infection, it may be important to take them to a veterinarian at our animal hospital to have them checked out. Call us at Stanton Pet Hospital serving Stanton, CA, to schedule your appointment for a pet eye exam and to get treatment if needed from a veterinarian on our veterinary team. 

Which Pet Eye Infections Are Common to Both Cats and Dogs?

Conjunctivitis, the inflammation of the conjunctiva, is common in both species. It is a common eye infection that many pets come down with. The conjunctiva is the lining membrane that protects the pet's eyelids and eyeballs. When it gets infected, it can cause a lot of pain for your pet. It can be caused by fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. There are also non-infectious causes, including various allergies as well as tumors. When a pet has conjunctivitis, you may notice some of the common symptoms. Watch out for a discharge from the eye that looks cloudy or a greenish yellow. Also watch our for any tearing or watering that may come from both eyes or just one. Conjunctivitis can be common in young puppies once their eyes open. Be sure to inspect the eyes at that time. There are plenty of remedies for these pet eye infections, and antibiotics and/or anti-inflammatories can generally end the infection or reduce the symptoms. 

Can Dogs Get Dry Eye?

Yes, this is a common condition found in dogs. It happens when the cornea and the tissues surrounding it get over-dry. This condition is caused by a wide range of things. If your dog has any diseases that cause damage to the glands that produce the tears. It can be caused by an infection of herpes or distemper viruses. There are also many medications that can cause it as well as being caused by thyroid problems. There are medications that can clear up this infection. 

What Is Uveitis?

If your cat has been diagnosed with uveitis, this is a serious eye infection that can cause cats pain and blindness. It's important to get treatment for this condition so that it stops the pain that your cat is feeling. This type of eye infection is caused by other diseases. These can include herpes, feline leukemia, worm larvae, fungal infections, and others. The treatment is to treat the underlying condition so that the eye infection clears up. 

Get Pet Care for Pet Eye Infections from a Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

If your pet is suffering from an eye infection, it's best to bring them to the veterinarian for a health exam. Contact us at Stanton Pet Hospital serving Stanton, CA, to make your pet's eye appointment. Call us at (714) 828-5891.

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