Pet Grooming

The Importance of Grooming Your Pet

Pet grooming can be a lifesaver to a dog or cat owner whose pet tends to get dirty, whose fur gets tangled, and whose nails get out of control.  Our experts at Stanton Pet Hospital provide various veterinary services and grooming for a pet whose owner wants them to look sharp.  What does pet grooming entail?


Dog Grooming Services

A pet who has gone awhile without a bath is no challenge for our experts!  A variety of pet grooming services are available, including bathing, fur styling, nail trimming, ear cleaning, dental care, and de-shedding.  Special treatment services are also available whenever your pet needs extra care to look and feel their best.  

The most common grooming service is for dogs. Dogs tend to get dirty and a reluctance to get clean, meaning that your dog may be pretty mucked up by the time they arrive at our pet hospital. That's why our pet care team knows how to help a dog be clean, even if he or she is in a layer or two of dirt.  Our dog grooming entails several services, including: 

  • Bath and blow-dry
  • Fur brushing
  • Trimming around ears, eyes, nose, feet, and stomach

We also provide advanced cleaning services like a flea bath or a de-skunking for your pet.

Cat Grooming Services

Cats like to be clean, but they rarely like getting clean. Our experts know just how to groom your cat.  Cats who tolerate bathing will receive a bath and a blow-dry, while those who are more reluctant will get a haircut or shave where necessary.  Brushing helps to keep a cat's fur clean, neat, and gleaming.  More anxious cats may require mild sedation before grooming.

Grooming Requirements & Benefits

After completing a reservation with Stanton Pet Hospital, make sure your pet's vaccines are up to date so that they can be admitted without any issues.  Dogs need the proper shots for rabies, Bordetella (kennel cough), and distemper.  

The benefits of grooming are immense.  Not only does it improve a pet's cleanliness, which may be badly needed depending on their temperament, but it also removes parasites that can cause health problems.  It improves the health of a pet's skin, reducing shedding and allergic reactions while keeping them cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Contact Our Veterinarian Team for Pet Grooming Services in Stanton

Contact our veterinary specialists at Stanton Pet Hospital for grooming services and information.  You can schedule an appointment for your pet to look and feel their best with our experienced groomers. Our team is committed to providing the health care your pet needs to be healthy and happy.

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