Understanding Pet Seizures

One of the most common neurological conditions our pets face is seizures. A seizure is an involuntary disturbance of normal brain function. If your pet suddenly drops to the floor and starts kicking as if treading water, your pet may be having a seizure. At Stanton Pet Hospital in Stanton, we provide effective treatment for pets suffering from seizures.

Pet Seizures

What Causes Seizures?

The cause of seizures is not always known. A head injury, stroke, blood sugar problems, or brain tumors can be the cause for some animals. Pets with kidney disease may also experience seizures. Animals that have ingested a poisonous substance can experience a seizure. In some cases, genetic factors may be the cause of your pet’s seizures.

Symptoms of Seizures

Symptoms of seizures can consist of stiffening, muscle twitching, loss of consciousness, jerking, collapsing, chomping, tongue chewing, drooling, or even foaming at the mouth. Your pet may make paddling motions with its legs while on its side. Pets have also been known to urinate and defecate during an episode.

Different Types of Seizures

The most common type of seizure is known as a generalized seizure. This is also known as a grand mal seizure. Your pet may convulse and even lose consciousness since electrical activity, considered abnormal, begins to happen within the brain. These seizures typically only last for a few seconds to a few minutes.

Focal seizures are due to abnormal electrical activity taking place in only one part of the brain. These seizures can lead to abnormal movements on one side of the body or the affected side going limp.

Another type of seizure is a psychomotor seizure and involves strange behavior that may only last two minutes. For example, your dog may begin to attack objects that are not there or chase after its own tail.

Treatment for Pet Seizures

A number of different medications are used to control pet seizures. Our veterinarians will examine your animal before determining the right medication to control the seizures. Adjusting the dosage of the medicines is common, and animals may need to be monitored for side effects from the drugs with periodic testing. Our professional staff can ensure your pet receives the treatment that best manages their seizures.

Contact Us for Quality Pet Care from Our Veterinarians in Stanton, CA

For quality veterinary care in the Stanton area, contact our team at Stanton Pet Hospital to schedule an appointment today. Our vets will provide a thorough physical exam as well as some lab work to look at what is possibly causing your pet’s seizures. MRIs can possibly detect them and look for any lesions within the brain. Once a diagnosis has been made, we will provide the right medication for your animal. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help your pet live a happy and healthy life.  

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