Senior Pet Wellness

Take a Proactive Approach to Senior Pet Care to Increase Quality of Life

Thanks to advancements in pet food and veterinary care, pets are living longer.  However, owning older pets comes with a long list of age-related conditions to be aware of.  Since pets age at a more rapid rate than humans, it is important to see a veterinarian twice a year for check-ups.  This makes it easier to catch problems and diseases earlier before they become advanced.  Ask our veterinarian at Stanton Pet Hospital about senior pet care and to come up with a personalized plan to care for your pet in their golden years.  


What Should Owners Be Aware of When it Comes to Senior Pet Care?

In addition to visiting the veterinarian more frequently, there are several other changes that are likely needed to be made when caring for a senior pet.  First of all, senior pets do not have as much energy as younger pets and this can lead to a decrease in mobility and weight gain.  It is important to stimulate your senior pet and try to keep them as active as possible.  A change in food might also be needed to maintain a healthy weight.  Mental health is also a critical aspect of senior pet care.  Just as it is important to keep your pet physically active, it is essential to keep them mentally active.  Keep senility at bay by interacting and playing with your senior pet at your home in the Stanton area.

As pets age, the vaccination schedule may change and it is important to watch out for parasites.  Senior pets' immune systems are not as strong as they once were, so it is more difficult to fight off diseases and parasites.  Talk to your veterinarian about the best vaccination schedule and precautions to take against parasites.

Lastly, modifications may need to be taken in your Stanton area home to better accommodate your senior pet.  They may need to spend more time indoors and have food and sleeping areas on the main level of the home so that they do not have to navigate stairs.  Take the time to think about the needs of your pet and how you can make a good space for them.  

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