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Spay & Neuter Surgery at Stanton Pet Hospital

Here at Stanton Pet Hospital, our veterinarian Dr. Korinne Kavanagh recommends spay & neuter services for the majority of the pets we see, especially cats and dogs. This is due to the vast overpopulation of the feline and canine community that leads to millions of unwanted animals being euthanized annually. Furthermore, spaying and neutering your pets can help them live a longer, healthier life.


What to Expect During Pet Spaying and Neutering

Neutering is a term that refers to the sterilization of male animals. It involves a quick in-office procedure to safely remove the testicles. Spaying is a term utilized to refer to the sterilization of female pets, which involves removing the uterus and ovaries. This will prevent them from going into heat or becoming impregnated.

These procedures are routine, in-office surgeries that require monitored anesthesia. Our Stanton, CA, veterinarian provides an intravenous pain medication along with vital fluids throughout spay & neuter procedures, which typically takes 20 minutes or less to complete. Complications are rare, and most pets can return home the same day after surgery.

The Vast Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Pets

Pets can reap numerous benefits from being spayed or neutered, both physically and behaviorally. Female pets will not have to endure potentially risky or unwanted pregnancies that can result in complications. Furthermore, when females go into heat, a bloody discharge can leave behind quite a mess. Spaying helps prevent these problems, in addition to reducing a female pet’s risk of developing uterine or breast cancer.

Neutering male pets tends to help them remain calm and lessens their proclivity to wander the neighborhood looking for females to mate with. Many pet owners report that male canines are also less aggressive after being neutered. The removal of the testes also eliminates the risk of testicular cancer in males.

It’s Never Too Late to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

A common question asked by pet owners concerns how old their pet should be when they are sterilized and if it’s ever too late in life to do so. In general, our veterinarian in Stanton recommends that pets be spayed or neutered anywhere after 8 weeks of age to enjoy the greatest benefits. As long as your pet is in good general health, they can typically undergo the procedure at any time in adulthood.

Contact Stanton Pet Hospital About Spay & Neuter Services in Stanton, CA

Here at Stanton Pet Hospital, we are prepared to help your pet live a longer and healthier life with full-service care, including spaying and neutering services. Call us today at (714) 828-5891 to schedule your consultation and appointment with our experienced veterinarian in Stanton, CA.

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